Getting Involved

Getting Involved

There is no requirement for attendance, contributions or formal affiliation as a Buddhist in order to participate. You contribute to the center even if you only come once in a while or help out now and again.

For people who want to become more involved, there are many ways to do this. You can sit on a weekly or daily basis, come to sesshin or all-day sitting, volunteer, or become a member.



General membership – $30
Student/Limited income/Out of Town membership – $15
Traditional membership* – contribution of effort and/or goods (by arrangement)

* A traditional member would, following the tradition of the original sangha in the Buddha’s time, contribute skills, time or needed items to the temple. Such a member might take care of office work, do maintenance chores, or contribute tea treats, vegetables, or needed equipment and supplies. Coming at least once a week to Zen Center would also qualify one for traditional membership.
To take advantage of this option, a prospective member must speak with the Membership Director (appointed by the Board) and make a formal pledge of effort or materials, which would then be recorded as that person’s membership pledge.

Membership benefits

10% discount on books purchased from Zen Center bookstore
May borrow books, tapes, or videos from library
May vote at annual membership meeting in April*
Not to mention the good feeling that comes from knowing that you are helping to provide a place where people can come when they need peace.

* The annual membership meeting is for election of new Board members and for transacting business relating to the long-term goals of the sangha.

To become a member of Cedar Rapids Zen Center, Email or call us.