You can help open the dharma in the Midwest by supporting our efforts in a variety of ways

Financial contributions

Financial gifts may be made by check, cash or online.  We will use them for our general costs like office supplies and utilities unless you specify that they should be used for a particular purpose.  Donors may remain anonymous if they choose; please contact CRZC for information about anonymous gifts.  You may also donate to specific funds that help the dharma continue.  Just comment in the donation setup which fund you want your donation to go towards

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Prison fund  
We have a small fund for making books and practice items available to inmates in the Iowa Prison System.

Renovation fund  Our 110-year-old house, while it is sound and attractive, is always in need of maintenance and renovation.

Future teacher’s fund  We are setting aside funds to help a new teacher get settled when Zuiko retires in a few years.


Other contributions

There are also ways to contribute that don’t involve money.

  • Time and skills  We always need people who can do repairs, organization, graphic design, or other things.  Also, people who can clean and tidy up the place, work in the garden, and do other things not requiring much skill are definitely needed.  Contact the Center at if you’d like to help.
  • Books  You can contribute books you no longer need.  Non-dharma books will be sold to Half-Price Books.  Dharma books will go into our library or be made available to members at reduced prices.  Just bring them by.
  • Printer cartridge recycling  Bring in your used printer cartridges.  Staples gives us a $2 rebate for each cartridge we take in.  This contributes handily to our office supply budget.