Board of Directors

Cedar Rapids Zen Center
Board of Directors

The board of the Cedar Rapids Zen Center meets once a year. During the board meeting we will be discussing our group’s overall direction, its financial health, upcoming house maintenance projects and other expenses, and the group’s future direction. Although sangha members are unable to vote during the board meeting itself (only the board members are allowed to vote), membership input is welcome and your ideas are useful to the decision making process. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Current Board Members as of April 23, 2019 :

Jisho Siebert

Jennifer Day

Amy O’Brien Eble

Robyn Groth

Douglas/Gus Gustafson

Kelly Kruse

Lauren Mannienen


Zuiko Redding

Myoho Kendall


President: Amy O’Brien Eble
Vice President: Jennifer Day
Secretary: Kelly Kruse
Treasurer: Myoho Kendall