Dear friends and family, 
Yesterday afternoon (Sunday 1/14) Zuiko was transferred from Mercy Hospital to Oldorf Hospice Home in Hiawatha, IA. This morning she was alert and able to walk on her own – a huge improvement from yesterday! Right now she is sleeping. Kokonami has set up a butsudan in her room, and Darin will be bringing a zafu and zabuton so visitors can practice with Zuiko when they come to visit. 

To make sure everyone has access to regular updates, and to allow those of us too far to visit in person with Zuiko to communicate with her, we have set up this Caring Bridge website. I will continue to email the sangha with important news, however, please check the Caring Bridge site for daily updates and to send Zuiko your own messages of support. We will make sure that the messages are read to Zuiko each day.

Finally, at noon in the days to come those of us with Zuiko will recite the Heart Sutra and sit zazen. We invite everyone to take five minutes (or longer, schedule permitting), wherever you are, to join us. Feel free to use the version of the Heart Sutra you are most familiar with. Here are common versions. Heart sutra page 1, heart sutra page 2.

Practicing together, we can envelop Zuiko (and each other) in a field of loving awareness. May the wisdom and love of the Buddha, our ancestors, and our sangha guide and support us all through this time of transition. 

Upcoming Events

February 25 – Sangha meeting following Sunday zazen & dharma talk. All are welcome!

January — Monday Night dharma discussion  7:00 pm to 8:00 pm –on Zoom – email us for the link

February 18 – All day sitting 8am to 4pm – please register

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Monday night dharma discussion 7-8pm  hybrid (please email center for link)

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Sunday zazen – by Zoom

9:00 –  9:40 sitting
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Quote of the week

One Leaf
One day in a lecture Suzuki Roshi said, “When you see one leaf falling, you may say, Oh, autumn is here! One leaf is not just one leaf; it means the whole autumn. Here you already understand the all-pervading power of your practice. Your practice covers everything.”


Excerpted from:


Zen Is Right Here: Teaching Stories and Anecdotes of Shunryu Suzuki, author of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind
by Shunryu Suzuki,
Edited by David Chadwick,
page 18

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